It all started with a sweet, elderly man by the name of José. José didn’t know much about the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA). He was grieving the loss of his dear wife, Jessie, to lung cancer. Jose heard about the RECA from an article in a local newspaper and thought he might need the help of an attorney. He walked into the office of the first attorney he could find who would listen to his story....and met Laura Taylor.

The Department of Justice eventually approved José’s claim, and Ms. Taylor developed a practice centered around helping individuals collect their compensation from the government.

Why should you work with Laura Taylor and her staff?

  • We have years of experience in preparing, submitting and processing claims under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA). We have an approval rate of over 95% for our clients.
  • We will assist you in obtaining all documentation necessary for your claim.
  • Unlike other Law Offices, we go the “extra mile” to find difficult to obtain medical records and presence documentation.
  • We have many sources to locate documentation that you may not have considered.
  • We work directly with the staff at the Department of Justice in the processing of your claim. We have developed relationships with those staff members that prove helpful during the processing portion of your claim.
  • We know of the “ins and outs” of the program, and know exactly what the Department of Justice requires to approve your claim.
  • We work with Downwinders, On-Site Participants and Uranium Miners, Millers, and Ore Transporters.
  • We understand your problems and your pain. Some of us are Downwinders too!


Laura J. Taylor, a Midwestern native, has been licensed to practice law in Arizona since April of 2000. Ms. Taylor began processing claims with the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program in 2002, after discovering that very few attorneys had chosen to practice in this field and numerous victims were unrepresented and frustrated.

Since 2002, Ms. Taylor has successfully submitted hundreds of claims to the Department of Justice, including Downwinder claims, On-site Participant claims, and Uranium Worker claims. Because of the various nuances of the Program, Ms. Taylor and her assistant have located numerous sources of historical information from relatively unknown sources not easily accessed by the general public. Each client's claim is handled personally by Ms. Taylor in the most expedient manner possible.

Because of the relationships Ms. Taylor has developed with the staff members at the Department of Justice, the client can be assured that their claim will receive the attention and focus it deserves.

Ms. Taylor has spoken extensively on the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) throughout Arizona, and has been cited in several publications and documentaries regarding her and her client's experience with the process. In 2003, Ms. Taylor traveled to St. George, Utah, to speak to representatives of the National Academy of Sciences regarding the importance of recognizing other areas in Arizona, particularly Mohave County, that were not covered under the Program. Just recently, Ms. Taylor was featured on local Channel 13's "Progressive Women in Yavapai County."

Ms. Taylor is available for speaking engagements regarding the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA). Contact our office at 928-771-9566.

Laura Taylor - Worker's Compensation Representation


Trisha provides administrative support for the Law Firm of Laura J. Taylor.  Trisha is an Arizona native and has a 15 year  background working in healthcare and more recently in the legal field along side Laura.  She received a BS from Arizona State University with an emphasis in American Humanics and a minor in American Sign Language.  She developed a strong sense of helping people through the nonprofit healthcare sector and brings her Service Excellence background to the Law Offices of Laura J. Taylor.

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