What will it cost for the Law Offices of Laura J. Taylor to process my claim?

Our fees are set by the Department of Justice and we do not collect our fee until your claim is paid. If we are submitting a new claim on your behalf, our fees are 2 percent of the total compensation available.

For example, upon successful completion of a Downwinder claim, Ms. Taylor collects $1000, and the remainder is paid to the client. If we are resubmitting a claim that has previously been denied by the Department of Justice, our fee is 10 percent of the total compensation available.

If we are obtaining documents on your behalf, we will request that you either provide payment for the actual cost of the document before we order the document, or we can bill you at the completion of the claim.

We also charge a nominal non-refundable file review fee, and a processing fee.

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Renal Cancer / Renal Diseases
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Esophagus Bile ducts
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Salivary Gland Liver
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