Point of Sale is now the Point of Interaction

In this day in age consumers demand more than just great prices from the retail and restaurants they visit. With security and privacy at its core, consumers still want the familiar, incentives from being loyal customers and recommendations based on data and analyitics. The only way to enable all of this in a seamless and intutive fashion is with Prometheyan's innovative point of sale partners. Explore our partnerships below.

prometheyan payments and talech is the leading iPad based point of sale system

talech POS

talech’s intuitive design allows you to create orders, apply discounts, manage inventory and view sales with just a few taps. And with over 100 features, talech is powerful enough to handle the most complex tasks for a large business.


Clover POS

The Clover POS system makes running your business a breeze. Take orders and accept payments. Organize inventory and manage your team. Grow your customer base. All at the tips of your fingers.

prometheyan payments and and clover is the leading android based point of sale system